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  Petroleum chemical industry、Chemical industry and fine chemical industry、Coal chemical industry、Chemical fertilizer、Rubber、Medical and biological chemistry、Pesticides、Energy、The traffic、Environmental protection、Public and civil buildings、Municipal engineering、Stored、Long-distance pipeline、Metallurgy、Electric power、Food、Light industry、Textiles、Building materials……

China national chemical engineering third construction co., LTD(TCC),China chemical engineering co., LTD,Is a large comprehensive construction and installation enterprise China petroleum and chemical industry,Chemical petroleum engineering general contracting qualification and a number of construction general contracting qualification, Class a qualification of chemical petrochemical pharmaceutical industry design and supervision、Engineering consultancy credentials,It happenedBoiler installation、Maintenance and repair、Transformation,Pressure vessel designFactory and spherical tank field compound,All kinds of pipeline design、The installation,Hoisting machinery installation、Maintenance and repair,Guangdong(Fix it、Try)Electricity facilities permit,Nondestructive testing and so on many professional licensing qualification……

Corporate vision:Casting the high-quality goods project To create a happy life

Corporate mission:Deliver value The construction of the future

The spirit of enterprise:To exploit   Struggle   Strict and careful   Strives for realism

The enterprise values:Pragmatic integrity The development of enterprises The benefit of employees Contributing to society

Development philosophy:Engineering career Leading technology The transformation and upgrading The quality, and the efficiency

The enterprise service concept:

User satisfaction is our standard   The owner's demand is our pursuit

  The business enterprise principle of work:Wuxi happy work Diligent, studious Reflect the value

The concept of corporate social responsibility:

 Take care of employeesServices to customers Respect partners Seek common development

 Reconcile the enterprise staff and social benefits

  Since its establishment,Successively in fertilizer production at home and abroad、Petroleum chemical industry、Fine chemical industry、Metallurgy、Energy、Textiles、Food、Medicine、Environmental protection、Bridges、The city、Civil construction and decoration projects such as large and medium-sized projects 1000 A number of。……

    The company has built type engineering professional technical ability and the technology and equipment,According to the domestic and foreign construction technology development trend and the needs of the project technology research,Companies actively develop and promote new technology of new technology,A lot of technology in a leading level,And obtains the national invention patent、National method and progress of science and technology achievement award at all levels。……

China national chemical engineering third construction co., LTD

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