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Many years of industry experience
Scientific planning dust-free purification system

Many years of industry experience of the construction team,Have aProfessional experienceThe engineer team,The engineer all related certificates

High quality purification equipment
Fusion of unique design concept

The purification equipment conforms to the national standard;Ensure that all construction process used in purification equipment and cleaning materials are through the strict inspection,Standard quality,Comprehensive quality in the industry the highest level

Establish strict construction standards
High quality purification equipment

Send project director will be entirely responsible for construction site management,Starting from the construction to the implementation of the whole control project delivery,100%No subcontract construction group,Build center construction directly

Strictly fulfill the delivery time
Establish strict construction standards

Have a complete construction team,Strong engineering qualifications,The construction period will not exceed the contract,Timely delivery,Only offering services to make you satisfied

National professional qualifications
National professional qualification

Country decorates two class aptitude
Country garden construction three level qualification

Perfect project after
Perfect project after

The system of professional engineering after-sales service process,Ensure your dust-free purification room enjoys a good services,We areRegularly free on-site maintenance for you、Maintenance and repair
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Shandong SanDing purification equipment co., LTD

    Our company was established2002Years,The registered capital1100Ten thousand yuan,Fixed assets2000More than ten thousand yuan,Is the shandong area biggest purification engineering construction enterprises in the capital assets、Results excellent engineering company。Company existing staff and construction personnel hundreds。The project covers:Purification engineering、Air conditioning and ventilation engineering、Process piping、Power distribution、Low voltage power distribution、The steel structure、The fire、Air compressor、Adornment is decorated、Intelligent weak current、Anti-static、Explosion-proof electrical、Epoxy floor paintPVCThe floor, etc。Can provide clean dust-free class building a full range of professional construction general contracting content。

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  • Office environment
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gmpWorkshop project construction characteristics

The high levelGMPPlant engineering construction costs high,In general,100Vertical uniflow clean workshop level,Its interior decoration and purify air conditioning system;If combined with pure water preparation equipment and pipeline system,Pure gas occurrence and system piping,Wastewater treatment equipment and piping,Fire protection system,Power supply and control system,Vacuum cleaning system and so on,The construction of the investment costs per unit area...

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