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  Company introduction

   Zhangjiagang product into aluminum products co., LTD., an emerging port city--Jiangsu zhangjiagang city of phoenix town。The traffic is very convenient,The geographical position is superior,Close to the Yangtze river,South near taihu lake,From Shanghai、Nanjing international airport two hours' drive,From wuxi,The hongqiao airport is an hour's drive。With huning、Along the river、Shanghai and Beijing、System、Suzhou city, such as highway all fronts,Efficient transport,Quickly。  

 Our company is specialized production and processing:Industrial aluminium profile,Civil aluminum,Lu: xingcai finishing(CNC,CNC machined,Aluminum tube bending tube bending processing,Aluminum tube shrink tube processing,Aluminum welding processing,Angle cutting,Stamping punch tapping, etc)、Electronic fence aluminium profile,Security aluminum,Intelligent household aluminum,Whole aluminum aluminum household,Aluminum radiator;Lamps and lanterns is aluminum,LEDAluminium profile、LEDFluorescent tube aluminum、Aluminum deep processing and all kinds of services(Including aluminum alloy handle、Rack、Aluminum frame profiles、Deep processing of aluminum tube、As well as aluminum soldering、Car、Wash、Blunt、Drill、Cutting, and other aluminum deep processing)、All kinds of metal products processing。According to the various factories in different demand for aluminum profile processing customization,Can satisfy different customers' needs。   The company in line with me“Reputation first、The quality is supreme”The aim of the,With high quality products、Reasonable prices、Perfect service wholeheartedly welcome the broad masses of customers to patronize negotiate,Win-win cooperation!。  



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