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Company profile / about us

Jiangsu world navigation international freight agency co., LTD(The international route)Is a collection of international freight agent and modern logistics in an integrated、Across the region、Shareholding system of large and medium-sized lithium battery、For international shipping Suppliers。The company consists of a number of years engaged in international air、The sea、Land transportation People,Continuously introduce new logistics planning elite to join us,Make the company More excellent quality。

Reasonable price · Perfect service

· Specification for quotation,Win-win cooperation,For enterprises to save transportation costs
· Offer to door service,Door-to-door pickup,Door-to-door delivery

Rapid response · Reasonable arrangement

· Receiving the response speed,Received the order,The first time arrangement

Around the world · Convenient

· Large and medium-sized lithium battery、For international shipping Suppliers
· Integrating international freight forwarding and logistics,Transportation lines varied

The entire visual · Security service

· Scientific planning more sets of transport plan,Ensure that security service,Don't delay customer business opportunities
·  Customer service team,7*24Hours Service,Query the goods status anytime and anywhere

Worry-free after-sales · Cargo insurance

· In case of out of stock、Less goods,Company to assist the claims,Don't cause any losses
· 3Large insurance for your goods,Let your transportation have no trouble back at home

  • WCAA coalition of dangerous goods

  • The air express the most investment value of the year award

  • Consulting compulsory recycling industry technology innovation strategy alliance member unit

  • China's chemical and physical power industry association membership certificate

  • The gold medal

  • WCAThe freight forwarder alliance

  • WCAThe freight forwarder alliance

  • WCAA coalition of dangerous goods

  • WCAA coalition of dangerous goods

Lithium battery transportation services
Cross-border electricity services

Common problems

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Large power battery by air,Is that all right?
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Why lithium battery by air has weight limit requirements?
In air cargo shipping lithium battery,Whether it is a lithium batteryUN3090Or lithium ion batteriesUN3480,Maximum packing weight limit for less than35Kg.....(Please click into the details)
Lithium battery transport,What are the limits to the packing?
Lithium batteryUN30090Contains a high energy density and dangerous,Transport packaging restrictions are more strict than lithium ion batteries,The weight of the packaging requirements are small......(Please click into the details)