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Company profile

Qinghai the MaiGe decorationDesign co., LTDWas established2007Years。Based on theEuropean styleGarden architecture pattern style combined with modern building system,In order to“The beauty of the space,Follow you”For the idea of independent designThe company。

  European MaiGeIsArt、CultureThe moral of,As we have space and the relationship between us,Not just visual feelings like perfume, but around all around us,Refreshing and comfortable for us。European MaiGeIs to deeply understand and play space and the relationship between people and people in the interior space of feelings and experience for the design of an interior designTFirms。

  We are not only private custom。We believe in,Each and every one of his own property space have specific requirements,There is also a personal preferences and style,Their home or office space should be also has character

  Here you are,EachpositioCustomer has separate consultant team,Provide professional solution for the space,Guests can effectively control their space design style,Create personalized preferences and on budget control and engineering quality also has a professional team support。

  Ou MaiGeDesign colleagues hope that through our serviceServicesSpirit to create a canWorth itReliable design service brand。。We design space for the customer、Control the budget、Supervision of construction process。Combining with the design style and space function demands,For clients to create a personalized space,This isEuropean MaiGeThe value and ability。

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  • The name of the company:Qinghai's MaiGe decoration design co., LTD
  • Contacts:The Mr
  • Contact phone number:18097339766
  • Contact the machine:0971-8807586
  • ContactQQ:306803389
  • Contact address:Wangfujing department store in xining city in qinghai provinceAPavilion21Floor

    The company's business:Indoor and outdoor decoration decoration engineering design、The construction;The plane design

    Contacts:The Mr    Contact phone number:18097339766

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