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Danzhou rice dumplings-Black pig reed mainly by fresh glutinous rice、Fresh pork、The new leaves and salted duck eggs,After a danzhou traditional folk craft

The big four food raw material

Rice dumplings all the ingredients from the fresh gift of nature,No artificial added,Absolutely guarantee the original ecological
  • Reed leaves

    -Li Mushan ranges from tropical rain forest,High concentration of negative ions。

    -Use the fresh leaves

    -Fresh so the meters zongzi is turquoise

    -There is a leaf of fragrance

  • Glutinous rice

    -From the northern danzhou volcanic soil in the production

    -Contains a variety of trace elements,Rich nutrition

    -M soft flexible,Sweet waxy delicious

    -Make only the best quality in danzhou rice dumplings

  • Farm pigs

    -Danzhou pig pork dumplings are using native soil or black pig

    -Before using a part of the sandwich,Is the forefoot and chest without ribs

    -Texture is soft,A measure of interphase

    -Penetration to rice dumplings with meat flavor can also taste the sweet taste of pork

  • The egg yolk

    -Danzhou zongzi is unique to the local sea duck egg yolk using

    -The yolk is delicious,Transparent,Will there be any oil leakage after cooked

    -With rice dumplings of glutinous rice and the odor of leaves produce unique taste

    -Let the egg yolk taste the flavour of the sea


Danzhou zongzi has a long history,The history of the zongzi flouring in danzhou area,Can be traced back to the han dynasty。“Danzhou zongzi has a long history,And unique flavor”。

Festival gift reed , The hand have lingering fragrance

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Danzhou rice dumplings · Natural food

       Danzhou zongzi has a long history,The history of rice dumplings in danzhou area can be traced back to the han dynasty。“Danzhou zongzi has a long history,And unique flavor。”From the test records show,Since the han dynasty,During the ear county had begun to make dumplings。When the northern song dynasty,Su dongpo live in exile during the ears,To create“Dongpo reed”Speck。After one thousand years development,Danzhou zongzi growing rich,Formation of varieties of flavor。Due to its unique ingredients and unique technique,Become a characteristic agricultural products in hainan。2016In danzhou zongzi as the only access to the national geographical indications protection products in hainan,Danzhou become the one and only“China's rural zongzi food”。         “Lingering fragrance”Danzhou zongzi for quality assurance, pure taste,Adopted in danzhou rural local fresh glutinous rice、Local hearts and salted duck eggs fresh system of peasant black pork buns,Ensure that genuine danzhou zongzi flavor。

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