Second, cloud service platform

Age of the Internet,Education wisdom Home school interaction,All at your fingertips

Vocational education cloud service platform

Constructing the ecological education informatization system,To open Internet everywhere

College cloud service platform

Rapid deployment No risk Cutting edge

Core strengths

Platform18Years of accumulation and exploration,Break the traditional education industry is fragmented information construction mode,Build the co-construction and sharing of wisdom campus information service system。
Open、Tolerance is our principle;Practical、Brevity is our service tenet。

LingMiao deployment

“The cloud-Lk-End”The network architecture,Make the nature of the system without having to deploy。

Open platform

An open platform,Adhering to the us open inclusive concept,Constructing ecological education information service system。

The co-construction and sharing

Will realize the free flow of information resource,By accumulating and growth,Long-term cash resources value。

Effective security

Open free education informatization mode,System security shall be the responsibility of the professional team unity。

High a series of activities at the first phase of the reading

In order to encourage the children to“Read more books、Reading good books“  In order to enrich the children's holiday reading life,2018Years7Month YouKunMing hit a high and new science and technology to undertake a small Lin“Scholarly campus series of activities”The first phase of reading activities online。Family reading has been heavily promoted by the event、Parent-child reading,Training reading……

Gen jihye campus job includes and starting from the campus orientation change“Electronic information”People every day

Senior vocational school in electronic information in yunnan province2018Years8Month4Day-5Start new work。Since early in the morning,Group after group of students into the campus,Looked curiously to the new school,The teachers also warmly received。Than in previous years,Schools use vocational education cloud platform of digital orientation module,Everything is……

Wisdom held in yunnan province huaxia secondary specialized school campus demand research and discussion meeting

2018Years4Month4Day,Huaxia secondary specialized schools in yunnan province wisdom campus demand research and discussion meeting in the building6Building small meeting room,The meeting mainly from the teaching management、Insurance management and logistics management of the business needs of the three departments to make parsing、Research and argumentation。The meeting in yunnan province, China……

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