Huizhou pvi industrial co., LTD is located in the beautiful luofu mountain nearby——Boluo county Zhen Town lake。The factory area2Million square meters,Adjacent to mei road,The transportation is convenient,Is a collection of r&d and production of feed、40 hatch supplies、Livestock and poultry breeding to processing,Has a complete industrial chain of large modern enterprise cultivation。Hired more than a doctor of animal nutrition、Master's research team composed of mainly,And with the domestic famous universities and research institutes Has a close technical cooperation。

Feed research and development、Chicken breeding、Disease prevention and control。
“Yuan is too”Always adhere to the quality control!

30The varieties of feed、Total annual production16Ten thousand tons。
“Yuan is too”Feed,More professional feed。

Pvi has been committed to dry to build enterprise and brand image of the product。In the product inspection and quarantine、Update varieties、Improve quality,Invested a lot of manpower and money。Confidence in the quality,Is the foundation of our marketing。We actively promote confidence in“Close the client”Activities。

Support programs,Quality assurance,Easy returns。
The world in the development,Yuan is in progress。

Address:The lotus pond Zhen Town boluo county lake industrial area

The phone:0752-5710333



Quality first,Reputation first,The customer is supreme。
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