Multiple bay field

By the national entrepreneurship star bay field group、Mr XiangJi private entrepreneurs Liu Zuchang was founded2003Years,Bay field with guizhou coal group、Yunnan bay field coal group、Hunan bay field group three big group co., LTD,Net worth120One hundred million yuan,Tens of thousands of employees。

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  • Bay field coal

    Bay field coal group has bay field coal group in guizhou、Yunnan bay field coal group,In yunnan-guizhou11Coal mine、5Coal washery、4Gas power plant,Major national strategic energy main coke quality,Coal reserves5One hundred million tons,Annual design production capacity520Ten thousand tons,Over years of washing coal300Ten thousand tons,Is one of the largest provinces yunnan-guizhou private coal enterprises。

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  • Bay production field

    2009Years5Month8Day,Hunan bay field group was established,The main products for the professional market、County urban context、Residential and commercial buildings,Real estate project in changsha、Xiangtan、Loudi、Shaoyang、Hengyang、Disk state, etc,To enter the national market。At present,Hunan bay field group has achieved a total investment of over ten billion yuan,Is《Trade logistics park construction and operation of the service specification》The national standard setters、China's first building materials household industry town pathfinder,Hunan county city synthesis development operation benchmarking enterprises,Hunan real estate brand before10To be strong,Its real estate projects are to be a regional industry benchmarking。

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Bay Tian Wenhua

Do the most happiness,Bay field practice“Fellow colleagues、Share counterparts,Passion、Responsibility、The good faith、Gratitude”Cultural values,Grasps“Appreciate each other Happy work A happy life”Organizational culture,To set up“Build a better life with your heart”Brand concept,In order to culture as the traction,Built to last。

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Enterprise group

Bay field public welfare

Cultural values

The party

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