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The product name:Electrostatic spray painting machine automatically
The purpose is introduced:
1、The traditional manual painting realize mechanization replace
2、Using electrostatic adsorption will improve to the utilization rate of coating80-95%
3、Make the product surface coating uniform、The appearance quality of the batch
4、To reduce the environmental pollution,Instead of manual operation

The product name:Electrostatic coating equipment
Product function is introduced:
1、Electrostatic spraying equipment continuous online coating,Dust removal-The coating-Drying,High output,Save manpower,Good quality management;
2、360Spin coating,Corner a painted rate is high,The coating effect is good,Spray gun parameters of digital management,Avoid painting master;
3、Absolute sincerity19Years experience in customized electrostatic coating equipment,Try free spray proofing,Equipment upgrades and maintenance for life…

The product name:High-voltage electrostatic generator
Product function is introduced:
To make the paint particles,The paint particles under the action of electric field force towards as electrode workpiece movement,And deposition on the surface of workpiece,Complete automatic spray paint work,This is the electrostatic painting,Electrostatic painting because of the small scope of electric field force,So will not pollute the air in the surrounding,And coating can be saved。

The product name:Paint special gear pump

Product function is introduced:
1、Responsible for coating measurement of conveying,Requires accurate stability to guarantee the uniformity of the coating products
2、High wear resistance、Corrosion materials and high refining process to support the demanding requirements for painting-safety and pump is durable

The product name:Automatic spraying production line
Product function is introduced:

1、The full automatic spraying production line and the design of the drying system based on customer requirements of production area,With reference to foreign advanced design concept and parameter optimization design;
2、Bake, Chambers adopt bridge structure,To ensure the uniformity of furnace temperature and stability,To improve the efficiency of heat energy;
3、Humanized operation,Streamline operations of human,More greatly improve production efficiency,Using domestic and international famous brand parts,Production line can run stably for a long time…

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    Sincere in machinery1994With Taiwan into the pearl river delta in zhaoqing city, guangdong province,So far in China and southeast Asia nearly thousand coating production line running,In coating industry。
    Leading products for sincere machinery:Automatic electrostatic painting machine、DISKThe disc type electrostatic spraying equipment、Automatic coating production line、Spray atomizer、Paint special gear pump、DISKElectrostatic spray pump、Automatic reciprocating engine、Water spray booth、Industrial ovens、Electrostatic generator、Infrared gas igniter、Infrared gas burner(The burner)、Taiwan yuan jiaqi manual liquid electrostatic spray gun, etc,They are widely used in hardware appliances、The bicycle、Automobile motorcycle accessories、Camera、DVD、The computer、Fan、Fan、Water pump、Wooden box packaging、Wood furniture、Musical Instruments、Arts and crafts、Sports equipment、Metal tube、Industrial paint、Printing and dyeing、Such as the food industry and in various fields……
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