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Cost reduction75% To improve efficiency50% Increased profits25%
Large vehicle urea production line
Weifang jia haze environmental protection technology co., LTD., over the years focused on automotive urea equipment research and development and manufacturing,The company strictly in accordance with the standards for urea:GB 29518-2013 National standards to test each batch offline products。Currently developed for vehicle emission standards in China The four、Five and five countries to upgradeSCRFluid of diesel exhausts purification\AUS32Production equipment。
 Jia haze urea production line are all equipped with environmental protection:1.Seiko two-stage reverse osmosis water treatment+EDIUltrapure water purification equipment;2.A full set of equipment95%The parts are304Stainless steel material consumption level;3.Equipment at maximum output power0.75-15Kw;4.Equipment in the process does not produce any pollution,Absolute zero pollution emissions。
Product advantage
The development of green energy To create a clean environment Seize the dive“Leon”The market
Market development
Provides the omni-directional service,Professional technical guidance,Help customers to open up the market
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Each regional cooperation only a customer,Ensure that customers have enough market space!
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Pre-opening inspection guidance,After opening for service guide,Professional knowledge training!
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Jia haze international cooperation providing advertising services for free!Raise awareness!
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Sales team is responsible for the elaboration of regional market,Organize regular sales promotion activity。
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24Hours unattended,Remote guidance,Solution of trouble back at home!
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     Weifang jia haze environmental protection technology co., LTD(The original jia haze industry &trade co., LTD. Weifang)Located in the capital of shandong weifang kite,The registered capital of ten million yuan。The company adhering to the science and technology as the guide,Set research and development、Production and manufacturing、Product sales in a body,Is a professional engaged in automotive supplies production equipment、Chemical cleaning supplies production equipment、Automobile production equipment of urea solution、The diversity of auto parts and automotive consumables entity enterprise。           
   The company since its establishment,The customer experience and practice for many years,Through the research and development,Develop auto supplies、Cleaning supplies business to get rich,With a small investment、High profits、Back to the rapid, etc,Is the ideal choice of the business to get rich!And apply for the independent“Jia haze international”Brand,A lifetime for the customer free of charge。Through our elaborate design form a complete set of production equipment,Can production100A variety of products,For small and medium-sized investors to set up factories to provide a reliable guarantee。Long-term to provide technical support and the development of the domestic well-known brand product update service,Fully mastering technology formula of various kinds of products,And through the use of consumer survey feedback,Update the product formula。And through the national certification and the relevant professional bodies、Industry experts acceptance,Become the industry recognized leader。Reference the successful experience of international incubator of scientific and technological achievements of the unit,Resource sharing,The principle of complementary advantages,Take the market as the guidance,Take the customer as the center,To talent as a fundamental,Based on the science and technology achievements,Providing high-tech achievements in social support and project support。   

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